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Meet Loz

Hi, I’m Lauren, but you can call me Loz 🙂

I’m sure that I’m much like you. I have great friends and a wonderful, supportive family. I love life and enjoy investing in my personal growth. That is now, I wasn’t always who I pride myself on being today though.

Prior to becoming a Fitness, Lifestyle & Mindset Coach, I was in a bit of a rut.

I was doing was the same things that I had been doing for so many years, and nothing was changing.

Living week-to-week, having fun with my friends and blowing all of my money on brunches, nights out with the girls and clothes… oh and shoes… A girl’s gotta have shoes 😉

I hadn’t had any advancement in my job, I hadn’t made any solid life choices, and I was not only bored but I was disappointed in myself… I knew that I was capable of more and I was only letting myself down.

I was sick, broke and miserable.

It was just before my 30th birthday when I was in a cab on my way home from a night out that a good friend said to me… “Loz, what are you doing?” “You just kind of seem like you’re in a rut”.

The truth that I had been avoiding came right at me and smacked me in the face.

UUUUGGGGHHHHHH… The truth hurt, but do you know what… I needed to hear it.

I was. I was in an unhealthy, unhappy, rut.

I didn’t want to keep living a life like this… I wanted more!

I needed a new focus and a new outlet in life.

That was the moment that I decided to invest in making myself the healthiest, happiest version of me possible.

Now, I get to spend my time doing the things that I love most.

I spend my days investing in my personal growth along with developing my fitness, lifestyle & mindset. Creating a life that I love to live.

The best part about this is with everything I’ve learnt I now get the opportunity to show you how you too can make these positive changes in your life… How cool’s that?!

I trust that you’ll enjoy my site and who knows… Maybe we will meet one day soon.

Enjoy 🙂

LP xx