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“Enjoyed a fantastic session with the lovely Lauren. This was my first experience in this form of healing however Lauren’s kind & genuinely invested soul made me feel very relaxed straight away.

I have definitely felt positive shifts in my relationships and the way i express myself since the session, generally feeling happier, lighter & more relaxed, calm, at peace & comfortable with life & myself.

Would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who needs to clear any blockages from their past that are holding them back from being the best version of themselves.

Thank you Lauren.” Martin

“So a couple of nights ago I had this lovely soul give me a transformational meditation and healing session. As some of you may know I’ve had a really tough few years and its definitely taken its toll on me! I was meant to be living in LA right now chasing my dreams but things havent worked the way I’d planned unfortunately. Along with 4 family deaths last year and an ex boyfriend who committed suicide not too long before all that.. my health has suffered dearly and am now needing a couple of surgeries to get myself right again. With this I’ve had weight gain and have been suffering with depression and anxiety quite badly.

So gorgeous Lauren did an amazing session to help me shift traumas from my past and negative road blocks which stop me from going forward in a positive stance. Which I so want to do so badly but I will admit it’s so very difficult for me in many areas of my life. This is the 2nd session I’ve had with her and it has changed my perception on a very traumatic event I went through as a young girl to do with my parents messy divorce. I have suffered ptsd from it and she has shifted this as one of my flashbacks i get regularly has now been replaced with a beautiful vision instead 

Guys and girls if you have trauma which hasn’t been dealt with or need to be uplifted in an unimaginable way (I’m serious I cant believe my flashback is replaced with a beautiful image now instead ) then hit up this wonderful lady & try it. You wont know until you try ! After the session I was feeling fantastic, clear minded and much more relaxed ! I was surprised at the result but feel so lucky to be able to share that these sessions are amazing and well worth your time & energy. ” Rachael

“I worked with Lauren relating to some Mother Wounds that I couldn’t seem to shift. They were showing up in various areas in my life and Lauren was able to hold space so beautifully so I could purge and share everything that was going on. She even went over time just so she could get to the root of what was happening so she could help me release and get through the challenges I was experiencing, which is testiment to the beautiful, generous, loving, kind soul and healer she is. She is so committed to her work and helping you be the best and most vibrant person you can be.
Thank you so much for all the work you do in this world. ♥” Jazmine

“I just had an incredible session with Lauren. I was feeling a little overwhelmed by “drama” in my life and left our session today feeling so much lighter and clearer. I feel sure everything around me is about to change after today. Thank you so much ♥️” Manda


“Thanks for our session last week Lauren! It seriously helped a cynic like me, find calm, purpose and structure in my daily life so I can pursue everything I want at 100% efficiency. Not to mention, to help me learn to take care of myself. “You can’t serve from an empty cup” is one that will stick and serve my overall well-being and help me serve others in my profession more effectively, by serving myself. Love your dedication for your clients. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.” Shirley

“I loved working with Lauren Prosser! She’s so patient and really listens to you! She held a great space for me to share openly with what I was dealing with and helped me find the right strategy for me to overcome this block. I highly recommend Lauren!” Minling

“Lauren is an excellent coach. Her energy is infectious and she genuinely wants nothing but the best for you. She created fabulous strategies that I would actually implement and do. I highly recommend Lauren as a coach” Katie

“Lauren is an amazing coach! She comes to sessions full of love, support, and confidence that I have what it takes to make my dreams come true. She is supportive, judgment-free, compassionate and loving in every session we have. Thank you for showing up the way you do Lauren, it’s been a pleasure working with you <3 Highly recommend to anyone wanting to create an amazing life x” Carissa

“Lauren is ahhhhmazing! She is so easy to talk to and she knows exactly how to help her clients get phenomenal results at lightning speed! She creates a beautiful, safe space for you to really open up and share. I love working with Lauren and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make major upgrades in their life!” Erica

“I am blown away by the powerful mindset this woman has! She is amazing to work with and gets results SO quickly!!!” Sarah


“Absolutely love my Reiki sessions with Lauren! She is amazing and I always end up leaving the sessions feeling refreshed, positive and emotionally healed. Lauren’s caring ,fun, loving energy makes you feel so at ease. If your new to the Reiki experience as I was give Lauren a go, it truly is amazing! 😍 Jane

“After a bout of insomnia that I could not fix after long travelling I asked Lauren to do reiki on me. Despite not being able to sleep for days prior and feeling very on edge after our session I managed to get a full restful nights sleep and woke up the next day feeling lighter and so much happier! Not only that I asked her to clear some energy around an issue I was having with my property and immediately after that everything shifted. She is such a light in the world and I would highly recommend! Thank you Lauren xx” Katie

“Had a great Reiki session with the lovely Lauren! Left feeling very calm and clear-headed, yet energised at the same time. Would highly reccommend a session especially if you’re going through a busy or emotional time!” Ruby


“Hi, my name’s Michelle and like a lot of women I lack self-motivation to work out on my own, so I searched online for a personal trainer and found Lauren. From the very first session, Lauren made me feel extremely comfortable, listened to my goals and is always there every step of the way in helping me achieve what I want. Workouts with Loz are never boring, and there are always new and exciting exercises. It has only been a few months now and I am in better shape than I have ever been, and I consistently have more energy. Unlike many gyms or workouts, I have tried in the past I am now super excited to go to my sessions with Loz! I have noticed my form improve, lost weight, gained muscle, and increased my endurance. Lauren is excellent at providing a full body workout, and at explaining the benefits of each exercise. I’m so glad I got in touch with Lauren and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their health and fitness. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store and to continue my fitness journey together. Thanks so much for everything Loz! Xxxx” Michelle

“Call it fate, call it perfect timing, call it whatever you want but know I have no regrets! A recent move to the area saw a need for a change in PT’s. Almost to the day did I see Loz’s EOI for women wanting PT sessions. I enquired and didn’t for a second, doubt her knowledge, ability or care for her clients. Each session is different and tailored to my specific needs. Loz makes you feel at ease and in an environment where you be yourself and have fun.” Heidi

“Lauren is an amazing PT. Her knowledge of the body is evident from the first 5 minutes of your session as she examines your strength and posture and then gives you customised exercises specific to your body. She is my go-to person for guidance on my health and wellbeing! I highly recommend Lauren, she has changed my life. Thank you  ” Christina

“I saw Lauren advertising her at home PT services and it was exactly what I was looking for. I was apprehensive, but after the first session with Lauren, I was so excited to continue. Lauren made me feel so comfortable and has already been such a driving force behind me wanting to better myself. The programs are tailor-made to suit me and Lauren really pushes me to get the most out of my workouts. I’m looking forward to a long and rewarding partnership.” Melissa

“Lauren is an amazing PT & a great person! When Lauren PT’d me this year, she allowed me to push myself to my highest potential. She is professional & takes the time out to get to know her clients & what they would like to get from their workout! Which is amazing! Her flexibility works well for me, as I work shift work. I would definitely recommend Lauren. See you next year Xx” Sara

“Love Lauren’s pt sessions. Lauren has a positive and empowering energy! I always get so much out of my sessions! A 1-hour workout always flies by and I’m finally getting the tone in my body that I’ve never been able to achieve on my own or just by hitting the gym! Lauren knows her stuff and will always work to better you and her approach is so careful but considered. Thank you for giving me the health kick that I need and for giving your everything into every session that I have with you. You are the best!!!!” Shirley

“Lauren has assisted me physically, nutritionally and mentally. Her abundance of knowledge has enabled me to get into the right frame of mind to be able to reach my goals. Lauren is also lots of fun to train with and I would highly recommend her!” Chantelle

“You’re such a motivated, passionate trainer and I’m sure you’ve benefited many people’s lives :)” Steph